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HOPE for Pets is going through a transition period at this time.  Due to some necessary changes, we are no longer offering the Pet Food Program or having the Spay/Neuter Clinic.

We are also in the process of updating our website so your patience is appreciated.

If you have a pet that you want to have spayed/neutered please call:

 Kentucky Humane Society S.N.I.P. Clinic
at 502 636-3491

If you are in need of pet food assistance you can contact:

No Kill Louisville

 photo Buster_zpsc3ww5mxy.pngBuster has a huge tumor in his mouth that needs to be removed immediately.  Please help Buster receive the surgery he so critically needs.  No donation is too small!

Please click on the Donate button below.


A comment from Buster's Mom:

"Buster is my big boy that I rescued from a bad situation over 9 years ago.  He has  a huge tumor in his mouth that is very infected and needs out ASAP.  It will be sent to a Lab to check for cancer then will determine if further treatment is needed.  I'm maxed out on my Care Credit and Disability check doesn't go far.  Please, any help would be appreciated."


If you prefer not to donate on line, please mail your donation to:

HOPE for Pets
 218 Red Cardinal Drive
Mt. Washington, KY  40047

Write 'Buster's Surgery' in the Memo field.