Helping Our Pets Endure



The Jordan Memorial Fund

Veterinarian Medical Assistance for Seniors with Senior Pets

Jordan's Story

HOPE cares!  About the animals and the people who love them.

We as pet owners have taken on the responsibility of being "man's best friend." By doing so, we have taken on the obligation of tending to them for a lifetime.  No animal, much less seniors, should ever have to be sent to a shelter or euthanized because their person simply does not have the money to get necessary veterinary care to save itsí life.  It is now our turn to take care of them and give them peace, serenity and love.

Like humans, our pets as they get older incur medical expenses that come with the natural process of aging.  Seniors sometimes find themselves in a situation where they can no longer afford to pay for their pets' medical needs.  They are having a hard enough time paying for their own!  Not only is it unfair to the senior to be faced with the possibility of having to give up their loyal friend, it is also unfair to the senior dog.  They would be devastated without each other. 

There are proven benefits to owning a pet and our goal at HOPE for Pets is to help prevent any senior from having to give up their senior pet due to not being able to afford their pet's medical bills.  Keeping the pet in the home not only benefits the senior but also the animal.  It will help prevent senior animals from being turned in to the shelter or euthanized just because of their age.  They deserve better than to live out their remaining days in a cold hard "cell".

Please help us help them!  A donation can be made in honor or memory of a pet or individual.  A memorial donation or tribute for a deceased loved one or beloved pet is a kind expression of your caring and sympathy. You're memorial will be included on our Paws for Seniors page.