Helping Our Pets Endure




HOPE on Wheels - Pet food assistance program for seniors, low-income and residents with special needs.


The following programs will be offered in the future as funds and volunteers become available.  The more help we get, the faster we can help the animals!

* Donate  * Volunteer

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program - Your donation will help us implement a program to assist qualified residents in having their pets spayed and/or neutered.                                                 

Educational Program - Your donation will help us implement educational programs within our school systems and community.                                       

The Jordan Memorial Fund - Your donation will help the senior residents in our community with their senior pet's medical bills.                                                

Emergency Medical Assistance - Provide assistance for veterinarian medical emergencies on a case by case basis.   

All About Seniors - Help match senior citizens with senior pets.

Pet Transport - Provide transportation to qualified applicants and their pets for veterinarian wellness checks and/or pet grooming services.

Thank you for your support!